Making wine has, literally, been a part of the landscape in Champagne for hundreds of years and these days it’s not unusual to meet wine makers whose family history goes back many generations, but even in this impressive company the history of Champagne Comte de Carreau is way out of the ordinary.
数百年来,在法国香槟地区酿造葡萄酒的家族通常有着几百年的历史并可以追溯到很多代人,但即使是在这样的历史背景下,香槟卡罗公爵(Champagne Comte de Carreau)也有她与众不同的一面。

The Carreau family has been associated with wine since 1543 when a distant ancestor was winemaker at the Abbey of Mores in the small community of Celles-sur-Ource and you’ll find Champagne Comte de Carreau in the same village to this very day. The brand itself was created much later, but the family’s savoir-faire has been handed down from father to son, and now to daughter, for many generations.

卡罗家的酿酒历史可以追遂到1543年,直到今日你依旧能在卡罗家族祖先居住的乌尔斯河畔塞勒(Celles-sur-Ource)Abbey of Mores找到香槟卡罗公爵。卡罗公爵自己的香槟品牌虽是之后才创建的,但直至今日,家族的酿酒诀窍(savoir-faire)已从父亲传给儿女传了许多代。

Harvest 1913, Carreau’ Family


Of course there are lots of long-established, small growers like Lionel Carreau champagnes in the Champagne region but it’s not just because of the history of the family that Champagne Comte de Carreau is worth discovering.

当然在法国香槟产区,还有很多像Lionel Carreau香槟这样历史悠久的优秀小型种植者,但香槟卡罗公爵值得深度发掘的地方绝不仅限于她的家族酿酒历史。

Celles-sur-Ource is in the southernmost part of Champagne which is known as La Côte des Bar. The soil here is very different from the area further north nearer Reims, in fact geologically and geographically speaking, La Côte des Bar has more in common with Chablis than with the rest of Champagne except for the fact that in La Côte des Bar Pinot Noir is the main grape varietal.

乌尔斯河畔塞勒(Celles-sur-Ource)是香槟区是最南端的一部分,也被称为La Côte des Bar。这里的土壤与该地区向北一些靠近兰斯(Reims)的土壤有很大的不同,事实上,从地质和地理学上的构成来说,相比香槟区别的地方,La Côte des BarChablis有更多的共同点,因为在La Côte des Bar地区的黑皮诺(Pinot Noir)是主要出产的葡萄品种。

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