The region where is located our estate has a millennium wine tradition:

The Romans planted the first vines at the beginning of our era.

The kings of France and England used the wines of Anjou at the court.

Today the Loire Valley is one of the great wine region of France.






Claire and Luc LE FOURNIS     

DOMAINE DES HAUTS PERRAYSTHE DOMAINE                                   

The domaine was owned by a family who held it for several generations. Without descending to take over, the owners wanted to sell it to people who would invest to make it last without dismantling. After selling our engineering company we wanted to realize our dream by purchasing a vineyard and we went to take courses in a wine school. The transmission was made in April 2009. The vineyard’s area is 20 hectares (including 16 ha planted), with plots well located around a spacious and modern winery.


Hauts Perrays酒庄是由家族几代人流传下来的。如果没有家族人接手,酒庄庄主想要把这座酒庄卖给其他对酒庄投资感兴趣的人们。在出售我们的工程技术公司之后,我们发现了我们的梦想是买下一座葡萄园,同时去了葡萄酒学校进修。我们于2009年完成了购买,如今这座葡萄园的占地面积为20公顷(包括16公顷的种植面积),这葡萄园围绕着现代化的酒厂。

THE SOILS                   

The domaine is located in the fault zone between the Paris Basin (predominantly limestone) and the Armorican massif (granite). Our plots cover a variety of basements, predominantly clay-slate with the presence of quartz, but sometimes clay-limestone and even carboniferous. Consequently we obtain different aromas. So we separate the harvest based on plots and we  blend the different wine to have the best tasting. Most plots are located on hillsides allowing a good drainage and a good exposure to the wind, which is very important for a good ripeness.


Hauts Perrays酒庄位于巴黎盆地(主要是石灰石)和Armorican地块(花岗岩)之间的断裂带。我们的地块涵盖了各种地下室,主要的构成是粘土板岩石英,但有时粘土石灰石,甚至石炭系。因此,我们的葡萄会获得不同的香味。所以我们根据不同地块所收获的葡萄进行分类,并融合了不同类型葡萄酒最好的口味。大部分的种植地都位于山坡上,拥有良好的排水系统和优良的通风环境,这些地理环境对于葡萄的种植都非常重要。



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